How it works

Snooze uses labels in your Gmail account to snooze your messages. Here's are the defaults:

If you label a message with "Snooze/1week", Snooze will process that message in less than a minute, snooze it, and then revive it in one week. You can customize whether the thread is archived when snoozed, whether it's starred when returned to your inbox, or whether it gets bumped to the top of your inbox when it wakes up.

You can also add new labels. Just use the format of "Snooze/{count}{period}". Here are some examples of labels you can create:

Supported time periods: second, minute, hour, day, week, megasecond, fortnight, month, quarter, year, olympiad, lustrum, decade, indiction, score, gigasecond, century, millenium, and eon.

Note: your recipient will likely be unhappy if you delay your response by 13 millenia.